Rationale and Objectives


Reflectometry, while still very much in the development stage, has shown the potential to provide a number of measurements relevant to the NASA Science Plan, the NRC Decadal Survey and the 2010 Plan for a Climate-Centric Architecture. In some cases, reflectometry, though the re-utilization of existing signals, could enable the collection of similar measurements as existing active or passive microwave techniques, but with an instrument that is orders of magnitude smaller and lower-power. In other cases, reflectometry could enhance the measurements made by other instruments. Finally, there have also been activities to integrate ground and airborne reflectometry measurements into the cal/val activities of NASA missions. GNSS+R 2012 seeks papers relevant to all of these applications.

Objectives of 2012 GNSS+R:

Provide a rigorous, peer-reviewed, forum for technical interchange of new findings in reflectometry theory, experiments, techniques, applications and mission concepts.

Meet as a community to define development roadmaps and develop advocacy for the future support of reflectometry.

Make the broader Earth sciences community aware of the potential of reflectometry measurements.